3 Reasons to Spend Thanksgiving with Clabough’s

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so folks are starting to make plans for the big weekend. As your family is deciding how to make this holiday the best one ever, consider these three reasons for spending Thanksgiving with Clabough’s Campground and Cabins.

Black Friday: Thanksgiving Shopping

With the close proximity to the largest outlet shopping in the Southeast, Clabough’s is the perfect place to stay if you’re looking to maximize your Black Friday deals. You can enjoy the big turkey day on Thursday, lounge around your camper or cabin in the afternoon, then be ready to hit Tanger Outlets bright and early Friday morning. You’ll find more than enough shopping there to fill the day, but the Pigeon Forge area boasts plenty of shop-til-you-drop opportunities up and down the Parkway, like The Island. You can hit store after store, loading up the trunk with Christmas gift goodies, then head back to Clabough’s to drop off the bounty and take off on another buying run. And after a day of frenzied deal-shopping, the quiet, laid-back pace of Clabough’s will be a welcomed respite.

Winterfest Lights

The Winterfest displays will be up in early November. You’ll be able to enjoy the millions of twinkling lights throughout your Thanksgiving stay at Clabough’s. If you come on Wednesday night, you can drive the Parkway through Sevierville and Pigeon Forge before heading to Clabough’s to retire for the evening or to prepare for Thursday’s big meal. After a restful nap to recover from all that turkey-eating, gather everyone for another round of light-viewing, this time all the way through Gatlinburg. With easy access to the Parkway, getting to and from the lights is a breeze. You can even ride a trolley that picks up at Clabough’s. Seeing the displays during your Thanksgiving stay at Clabough’s will definitely kickstart your holiday mood.

Thanksgiving Family Time

The best reason of all for making your Thanksgiving holiday memories at Clabough’s is, of course, family. The entire history of Clabough’s is based on family, and we pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere where families can get together. All that togetherness, though, can be a little stressful, especially for the household hosting everyone else. With a family gathering at Clabough’s, a little of that pressure is off, freeing everybody up to enjoy one another’s company. You can still be close, but spread out enough so that everyone has their own space. Also, if your family is scattered, congregating at a place like Clabough’s allows everyone to meet in one place without the added difficulty of finding a spot for everyone to sleep. With some of the pressure off, the whole group can make the best of the Thanksgiving weekend.

We here at Clabough’s would love to become a part of your new Thanksgiving holiday tradition. Start making your new memories now!

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