Removable Hooks Everywhere!

As everyone who has done any camping at all knows, space is at a premium, even in the roomiest of RVs. Maximizing space without breaking the bank is key. The cheap and simple solution to a host of different storage and space issues? Removable hooks! Use removable hooks to store items in places that are both convenient and that use space otherwise going to waste.

Here are four places to utilize the magic of removable hooks.

Beside the Door

Use hooks to hang keys, sunglasses, or any other smaller items that are easy to misplace. This space is perfect for things that you’ll need outside of the camper, but probably not inside. If you’re prone to forget it, hook it near the door.

Larger hooks can be used for lightweight bags. If you use your purse or shoulder bag for must-carry items and not as another suitcase, you can hang it up, clearing up flat space in other areas of your RV.

Hang the hooks just inside the door slightly below eye level so that you’re sure to see the items both coming and going.

Inside Cabinet Doors

It’s not a lot of space, but the inch or two that you might have on the backside of the cabinet door is the perfect spot for flat or collapsible items, like cookware or utensils. This option works quite well for measuring cups and spoons in the always crowded kitchen area. (Pro tip: you can do the same thing back home!) Also try this space for often used tools like screwdrivers.

Use this space for things that you need to access often, but still need to be put away when you’re finished.

Think outside the box…the plastic wrap box, that is. Make holes in the ends of the rolls like cling wrap or aluminum foil, then hang hooks sideways to hold the whole box. Voila! Instant roll dispensers that easy to get to and even easier to put away.

In the Bathroom

The bathroom is undoubtedly the smallest space in any RV. Without much room for shelves or cabinets, you need to maximize the vertical space. Use suction cup hooks in the shower stall to hold scrubbers, razors, and washcloths.

On the back of the door, hang an array of hooks for everyone’s travel toiletries bag. No more shared storage spaces!

For Electronics

Even when we’re getting away from it all on a camping trip, we still want to be connected just a little bit. Who can go anywhere these days without a device or two? Use removable hooks near outlets to hold chargers and cords to make charging stations that are tangle-free.

Arrange four hooks to securely hold your smartphone or tablet devices on the wall. That’ll keep them off of valuable horizontal surfaces while they are charging. You can also use the wall mount option to position your tablet for optimal viewing of shows or movies.

The Beauty of Removable Hooks

Perhaps the best part about using removable hooks is that you’re free to experiment with what will work best for you. Try out a few of these suggestions. If they don’t work for you, simply pull the hook, then try another spot. Happy hooking!

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