Gift Ideas for the RV Camper

With only a few weeks left until Christmas, the time for getting your shopping done is now. If anyone on your “nice” list is an RV camper, consider getting them something that everyone with an RV wants: space-saving equipment. Any items that can collapse to take up less space are welcomed additions to the RV cabinets, especially for kitchen cupboard items. Here are a few suggestions for holiday gift ideas that will make an RV camper’s Christmas bright.

Buckets, Tubs, and Mixing Bowls

By their very nature buckets, tubs, and mixing bowls take up a lot of space and are bulky in general. Even if you can get them into a small cabinet, you’ll need to store other items in them. Every time you want to remove one item, everything needs to come out and go back in. With a big bowl that can flatten, stacking in easily accessible layers becomes a breeze. You can even store them upright, making more effective use of vertical space.

Colanders, Dish-drainers, and Chopping Boards

Colanders and strainers are necessary items in any kitchen, either for the stand-by, serve-a-crowd pasta meal, or to rinse the fruit and veggies. As needed as they are, though, you don’t really use them all that much, and they hog valuable space when they aren’t in use. Like the bowls and buckets, a collapsible strainer stores much more easily, even flat on a cabinet door to utilize often-wasted space. For truly efficient design, try a combination cutting board/collapsible strainer that fits over the sink. Your RV camper will appreciate both the space-saving and the added flat work surface.

Water Bottles and Beverage Dispensers

Having a drink on hand is always nice, but bottles are notoriously difficult to store efficiently. They don’t stack well at all, leaving plenty of air being stored in a crowded cabinet. Many newer water bottle designs, though, flatten almost completely when empty, making them a perfect addition to any RV. The same goes for an accordion-fold, collapsible beverage dispenser. Stretch it out to hold lemonade that pours from a spout, then wash it and fold it flat to store until next time.

Coffee Drippers and Tea Kettles

Coffee drinkers need their morning cup, but a full-sized machine takes up a lot of counter space for an item that probably isn’t in constant service. Campers could keep several collapsible single-serve coffee drippers on hand and still use less space than an automatic drip coffee maker. If a cup of tea is more your, well, cup of tea, then a collapsible kettle should fit the bill. A combination of metal and silicone (as are most items on this list), these kettles make it possible to boil some water, then store the teapot away at less than half the extended size.

Whether you’re buying for someone else or you’re just looking to maximize your RV space before your next trip to Clabough’s Campground and Cabins, think flat!

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